More than a Medication Device: How MedMinder Customer Support Saved Paul’s Life

Mar 6, 2024 | Stories

About a year ago, Paul, who lives in a Massachusetts senior living community, was introduced to MedMinder through his neighbor. Account Manager, Jodi Wynglarz, was in the building helping Paul’s neighbor get connected and started chatting with Paul about MedMinder’s solution.

“My daughter was managing my medication before – it was too much work for her. She did a good job, but MedMinder is a lot easier,” said Paul.

Paul, who is a relatively healthy gentlemen at age 87 years young, takes up to 12 medications a day.

“It’s a lot better than when my daughter used to manage my medication,” says Paul. “I used to get confused. It makes it a lot easier for me to know which pills to take. I love it.”

Beyond a pill dispenser, MedMinder is a connected pharmacy solution – meaning the company ships prescriptions directly to Paul in a convenient easy to load tray. MedMinder also has many value-add services and capabilities including an emergency medical button, automatic medication reminders and customer support.

Paul recalls a night that could have changed his life: “It was about midnight, and I had to get out of bed. My phone was on the nightstand, and I did not have my (living community’s) emergency call necklace on. My legs couldn’t hold me, so I fell and got wedged between the nightstand and the bed. I couldn’t reach my phone or the emergency button. Meanwhile, my MedMinder device was programmed to remind me to take my medication, but I couldn’t reach it to turn it off. It kept reminding me: ‘Paulie, you forgot to take your pills.’ I like(d) the reminder.”

After Paul missed his medication, MedMinder customer support contacted Paul’s daughter and Jodi, because they knew that Jodi was following his account. Jodi personally called his daughter, and she was already enroute to Paul.

When Paul’s daughter arrived, she found him on the floor, and an ambulance was called. The hospital said that had she not gotten to him when she did, it could have been extremely bad for Paul, they told her that MedMinder saved his life. Thankfully, Paul is feeling great now.

It’s fortunate that the MedMinder device was able to continue providing reminders even when Paul was unable to access it due to his fall. The fact that customer service contacted his daughter and that they were able to respond quickly, played a significant role in preventing a more serious outcome.

Paul is extremely grateful for MedMinder and Jodi. “I’ve got an angel on my shoulder. MedMinder is here looking out for me. That pill machine, I love it.”

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