Solutions for Healthcare Providers

MedMinder offers a comprehensive suite designed to address the challenges faced by healthcare providers in medication management.

MedMinder offers comprehensive medication management solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare organizations. From medication dispensers to advanced monitoring tools, we help streamline workflows and enhance patient care.

Medication Management for Organizations

Simplify medication workflows

Manage medications for entire patient populations efficiently.

Reduce medication errors

Improve medication accuracy and safety with electronic prescribing and dispensing.

Enhance patient engagement

Empower patients to take an active role in their care with our mobile app

patient interaction

Direct Patient Interaction with Advanced Technology

MedMinder’s advanced technology enables direct interaction with patients through built-in cameras and microphones. This feature supports direct observable therapy (DOT), allowing healthcare providers to monitor and interact with patients in real-time. Ensure adherence to treatment plans and provide immediate support, all while enhancing the patient experience.

Patient Outcome Improvements

Experience tangible improvements in patient outcomes with MedMinder. By promoting medication adherence and reducing medication errors, our solutions contribute to better health outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced healthcare costs.

Solutions for Pharmacies

Enhancing Customer Experience
Elevate your pharmacy’s customer experience with MedMinder’s innovative solutions. Our technology enhances medication management for patients, providing convenience, and peace of mind while driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Medication Adherence Solutions
MedMinder offers pharmacies comprehensive medication adherence solutions to improve patient outcomes. From automated pill dispensers to personalized medication schedules, we empower pharmacies to support patients in adhering to their prescribed regimens effectively.

Pharmacy Partnership Benefits
Partnering with MedMinder brings a host of benefits to pharmacies. Increase medication adherence rates, reduce medication errors, and differentiate your pharmacy by offering cutting-edge medication management solutions to your customers.

Pricing and Plans

Customized Packages for Healthcare Providers

MedMinder offers customized pricing packages for healthcare providers tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large healthcare organization, we have flexible pricing options to fit your budget and goals.

Pharmacy Partnership Pricing

Pharmacies can take advantage of competitive pricing structures with MedMinder’s partnership pricing plans. Contact us to learn more about how our pricing can align with your pharmacy’s goals and budget.

Have questions?
Call us at 1-888-MED-MIND (1-888-633-6463).

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Delivers What Is Promised

“I am so grateful to finally find a smart pill box that delivers what is promised and has taken the crucial task of filling my box flawlessly with the right medicines. I have told and or shown my doctors about the value of the box for me and each readily said that MedMinder would be a valuable tool for their patients. Keep up the good work!”

Alan Thorne

It Has Surpassed My Expectations

“We have had an incredible experience using Medminder. The customer service has been exceptional. The product has worked exactly as described. I must say I was skeptical that it would work, but it has surpassed my expectations.”

Anthony Carlisle


How do I know where to begin with my new MedMinder unit?

Your unit comes with a pamphlet containing a QR code that leads to a page with brochures that explains how to start and register your new device. If you do not have the QR code, please click here.

If you have any questions, the MedMinder Device Support team is always just a phone call away at 888-633-6463.

Who do I call if I have questions about using MedMinder?
Please call MedMinder’s Device Support team at 888-633-6463 or email us at [email protected].

We are available Monday through Friday, 8AM to 7PM Eastern and Saturday & Sunday 9AM to 5PM Eastern.

How do I program MedMinder to match my medication schedule?

If you use our pharmacy services, it will be set for you during pharmacy enrollment. If you are renting the device only, the easy step-by-step setup process is done using our online portal at MMConnect. If you need assistance with the setup our Device Support team will be happy to assist you. Please call MedMinder at 888-633-6463.

What do I need to have at home in order to operate MedMinder?
All you need is a flat steady dry surface to place it on and a wall outlet to plug it into (we do not recommend using extension cords).

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