Medication Management: A Powerful Care Manager Tool

Apr 27, 2024 | Stories

MedMinder’s partner serves a senior population including high-cost, high needs patients that live with multiple chronic illnesses requiring intense levels of care and multiple medications. The partner leverages care teams in the home and deploys various strategies to help patients manager their conditions while living independently. The MedMinder device is an easy-to-use technology that assists care managers in helping their patients manage medications in the home, or other low-cost settings, to improve their overall well-being. As a full medication management and pharmacy solution platform, MedMinder is designed to help its users age in place more safely.


  • Patients who fail to take medication as prescribed are at increased risk of adverse health outcomes and high-cost interventions.
  • Patients taking multiple medications may be impacted by social determinants of health that impact their medication adherence including lack of internet access.
  • Patients with chronic illnesses struggling with the med adherence often require a level of care that increases healthcare spending and/or must be managed in a higher cost setting.
  • Care managers in the home play a vital role but often cannot be available 24/7 to make sure patients remember to safely take their medications.


The Medminder device offers a unique medication management and pharmacy solution for patients and their care teams, especially those with multiple chronic conditions.

The Medminder device has multiple features that are particularly beneficial for individuals that take several medications and live with a range of complex needs, including easy to use refill trays with the correct doses, optional locking components to ensure doses are taken in the correct time, two-way voice channels with medical alert professional, alerts sent to care teams in the case of a missed dose, and custom greetings and reminders from family members


A well-respected third-party actuarial firm evaluated the outcomes of MedMinder patients relative to the broader patient population and a 1:2 matched cohort population.

  • The device had the ability to inform care managers of the need to work with patients more closely on their medication management and adherence.
  • Care managers did not have to spend time sorting and dispensing medications, therefore in theory had more quality time to spend with their patients.
  • Patients utilizing MedMinder experienced better trends with respect to health outcomes and total healthcare costs as compared to the broader partner population.
  • Patients utilizing MedMinder services saw a statistically significant reduction in Skilled Nursing Facility utilization, increased prevalence of home health services and significantly higher prescription drug adherence as compared to their peers in a 1:2 matched cohort study.

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